Weather Forecasting Services

We offer customization of weather forecasting services tailored to our clients needs. Below are examples of our standard weather forecasts. 

Weather forecasting services include:


  • Daily/Weekly Forecasts

  • Detailed Long Range Forecasts

  • Seasonal

  • Climatological

  • Trend Forecasts

  • Atmospheric Descriptions

  • 24 Hour Weather Watch

  • Monthly Services


Any of our services can be customized to fit your individual needs.


Meteorological, Oceanic or Atmospheric data can be added to or taken away from any service.


For a fee schedule please contact us at any time.

A list of Services:
Daily Forecast
  • A daily weather forecast is broken down into 3 hour time brackets which consists of: 

  • Temperature and Heat Index

  • Wind Speed and Direction

  • Cloud Coverage

  • Chance of Precipitation & Estimated Amount of Precipitation

  • Sunset and Sunrise

  • Brief Description of Upper and Lower Atmospheres

Personalized Forecast
  • A daily weather forecast, broken down into 1 hour time brackets, consisting of:

  • Temperature and Heat Index

  • Wind Speed and Direction

  • Cloud type and Sky Cover

  • Aviation Data

  • Tide information

  • Chance of Precipitation & Estimated Amount and Duration of Precipitation

  • Sunset and Sunrise

  • Ozone Concentration

  • Detailed Description of Upper and Lower Atmospheres

Climatological Forecasts
  • Trend Forecast:

  • A forecast intended for more than a week prior to the date in question. It provides the state of the atmosphere and shows what type of weather can be expected and why. It entails weather patterns and upper atmospheric tendencies.

  • Weekly Forecasts:

  • A week's duration of Daily Forecasts.

  • Climate Forecast:

  • Climate data for a location is a general average of the weather conditions based upon previous years recordings and climate trends. 

  • This type of forecast is used for long term forecasts, in order to get a basis of what type of weather to expect for that specific time during the year.

24 Hour Watch Service
  • Our 24 Hour Watch Service includes constant watch and updates on any major weather feature changes. Receiving weather statements, tracking on any precipitation, warnings or watch updates, and acknowledgement of forecasting holdings or changes.

  • Includes 24-hour availability for on call service for questions or concerns.

  • We also offer a Monthly on Call Service: Availability to receive Personalized Forecasts upon client's request for a months duration.

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