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Climatic Discussion

Climate is Always Changing

Climatic discussions usually lead to a range of solutions and a great many conflicting opinions as to the cause of climatic change and what the effect of that change will or may be. Climate has and always will dictate humankind’s actions and activities.

Climate forecasting, unlike that of weather forecasting, is much more difficult. Despite all the advancements in the field, there are still extreme limitation on the accuracy of climate and long-range weather forecasting. No matter how powerful the world’s greatest super-computer is, the calculation it is capable of performing still fall far short of being able to embrace all of the complexities of atmospheric-influenced processes that occur throughout earth, incorporating the earth’s oceans and atmosphere, the sun, and the cosmos. Therefore, it can be hard to give the public a set of clear, reliable data with which to explain climate change and, moreover, suggest ways to combat it and protect our habitat.

Many myths and misconceptions surround discussions of warming or cooling and cyclical changes of earth’s atmosphere. And mixed messages and uncertainty serve only to confuse the public. When anyone researches climate change, be it in the library, online, by watching television programs or movies, or by reading scientific journals, etc., there is such an array of (often unsupported and conflicting) opinions, assertions, data, and predictions that it is impossible to know with any certainty in what way, why, or even whether the climate is changing. When explaining climate change to society, it may be best to state that science is a way of observing, documenting, organizing, interpreting, testing, and collecting data in order to logically explain and attempt to understand nature and human society. Hypotheses are a function of science that can increase our knowledge and understanding of the earth we live on. Testing and developing theories are the foundation of advancements.

With earth ever changing, there will always be a need for science. Not all predictions and conclusions that will be drawn will be found to be accurate or correct; however, the beauty of evolution is that even in error we can find answers.

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