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2017-2018 Winter Weather Predictions

As fall has begun, the next biggest question on everyone's mind is what kind of winter are we looking at?

We have complied all data from multiple platforms and our team has come up with our predictions, and it looks to be slightly different than last years winter!

Models are trending towards an ever so slightly warmer winter for a large portion of the United States, especially the mid to lower half, along with the east coast. This does not necessarily mean a warm and dry winter by any means.

There looks to be above a 50% chance that the northern and mid United States will receive greater precipitation amounts than normal. These amounts are likely to affect the east coast as well, due to storm movement and upper atmospheric trends. Noaa has put out a fantastic image for precipitation probability below:

The Forecasting Team estimates, for the North East, slightly warmer than average temperatures for December and January, with increased precipitation levels for January and February. The Southern half of the United States should be average precipitation rates, with above average temperatures, especially in the south eastern states. The great lakes should see above average snowfall totals, along with Alaska. Most of California should be about average in both precipitation and temperature.

Looking for a more in depth estiamtion for this winters outlook - contact us

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