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Lenticular Clouds

What makes a lenticular cloud different from other cloud types?

In order to tell the uniqueness of lenticular clouds, we need to know what a lenticular cloud, or a “lens-shaped cloud,” is.

The cloud makes the appearance of an unusual shape, like a UFO or saucer. They are often described as “frozen in time” and if you live near a mountain or a mountain range, may mistake one for a UFO. Also, they are stationary clouds. How and where they are formed? Where stable, moist air flows into the mountain range. Lenticular clouds form where the air rises and disappear where the air sinks. These clouds appear when the air flow is continuous. They are most likely to appear in high-altitude areas, such as the Rocky Mountains; although they can also appear or form in non-mountainous areas, which is not common. The reason these clouds can appear in non-mountainous areas because the wind shear by a front. Usually most clouds formations appears in mountainous areas. What makes a lenticular unusual is because of the exception of possible formation in non-mountainous areas.


photography: Jeff Weiss

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