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United Nations Climate Change Conference

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Many of us might know that about the 195 countries around the world came together to the climate change conference in Paris and agree on a plan. The summit’s goal is to limits climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions. By 2020, these countries will release their long-term plans to cut their emissions. Then, every five years, these countries will review their progress. If it's necessary that a certain country have to change their goals, then action will be taken. Depending on the country, every plan is different. Certain countries will get financial help to develop technological to limit on their emissions.

The graph below displays the four scenarios of the possible futures of our planet. In 2015 when these countries came to an agreement when we are noticing the major changes in our climate. Many of us might notice that we are starting to have warmer winters than usual. In certain areas they are experiencing a major rise in their usual temperatures. Due to the burning of fossil fuels have increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to Science News, Carbon dioxide concentrations have risen from about 280 parts per million in 1880 to 400 ppm earlier this year. That rise has helped boost the planet’s average annual temperature by about one degree, with faster warming has taken place over land and in the Arctic. The ice melting of the Arctic, it leads to the rise of sea levels. Which means that people, who lives in the coastal areas will eventually have to move to another area.

Despite the challenges we will be facing in the future, Andrew Steer, president of the World Resources Institute says, “The shift from commitment into action will be even harder and take even more determination. But for today at least, we rest a little easier knowing that the world will be stronger and safer for our children and future generations.”

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