Planning a Beach Wedding

June 14, 2014

Planning a Beach Wedding? 


As if planning a wedding isn't stressful enough, adding in a beach element is reaching for the stars. Everyone thinks your crazy for planning an outdoor wedding, with a threat for unpredictable weather, and your planning it on the water no less. 


When having a beach wedding there are certain things about the weather to keep in mind. The ocean plays a major role in regulating the weather and climate of the Earth. Such factors that may impact a beach wedding are Land and Sea Breezes, Specific Heat, Heat Index, Tides, Sunsets/Sunrises, Precipitation, and depending on location and time of the year, hurricanes or tropical storms. 


Making sure that you are prepared for any inclement weather is crucial. Easing your nerves, Weather for My Wedding, can help! Using the aid of a professional meteorologist will give you answers needed that local media outlets cannot provide. 


Using a meteorological company from the private sector allows for a professional meteorologist to pay personal attention to your specific location, analyzing and predicting the elements that affect a beach wedding.


Focusing on enjoying your special day should be the center of everything, let the information about the weather be in the hands of a professional, allowing you before hand to make appropriate decisions about planning your beach wedding. 


Check out  for more information and contact us with any questions!


-The Forecasting Consultants Team


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