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Lack of government Weather Forecasters

Not a typical post, however a decrease in meteorologists will significantly affect weather forecasts, potentially endangering lives. Without meteorologists, weather forecasts are extremely inaccurate and unreliable. This situation makes for a life threatening mix, especially in tornado alley.

The National Weather Service is funded by Congress as part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The automatic federal spending cuts required by "sequestration" chopped 8.2 percent from the NWS budget in early 2013, and NOAA's acting administrator ordered a hiring freeze. The NWS hiring freeze lasted until this January.

An example of this budget cut not only affecting the economy but costing people their lives is when Hurricane Sandy tragically struck the East Coast in October 2012. A government report found “critical staff shortages” affected the weather service’s response to Hurricane Sandy.

This budget cut does not seem to be improving in any way. Weather forecasting on a large scale has made little to no advances in the past years, and with a shortage of meteorologists and funding, the advances have no chance to be pursued.

Private meteorological companies have the ability to give the accurate and precise weather forecasts that are needed to save lives, property and the economy. Unlike the National Weather Service, there are no budget cuts or meteorologist shortages with a private company, such as Forecasting Consultants LLC.

Weather occurs everyday and severe weather is only on the rise. Without current, accurate forecasts, lives will be in jeopardy, along with the economy.


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