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Total Lunar Eclipse

Beginning on April 15th 2014, the Western Hemisphere will have a great view of the total lunar eclipse. This type of celestial spectacle occurs when the Earth is situated directly between the sun and the full moon. The moon will pass through Earth's umber, making it appear a dark reddish orange color. Due to the Earth completely obstructing the moon from receiving light from the sun, the light gets there indirectly as it has been filtered and refracted through the atmosphere.

The greatest eclipse will occur at 7:45 UTC, which is 4 hours ahead of EST and 7 hours ahead of PST. The eclipse will last 78 minutes, which is plenty of time to take a quick peek at this astronomical event. Lunar eclipses are not rare and most of them are not total eclipses and occur normally twice a year. This eclipse is fairly special though, it is the first in a tetrad of total lunar eclipses, which will be spaced about six months apart, and all four eclipses will be visible to the United States.

This beautiful event will be a perfect late night romantic surprise for a loved one.

-The Forecasting Consultants Team.

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