March 7, 2018

 Climate is Always Changing

Climatic discussions usually lead to a range of solutions and a great many conflicting opinions as to the cause of climatic change and what the effect of that change will or may be. Climate has and always will dictate humankind’s actions and activities.

Climate forecasting, unlike that of weather forecasting, is much more difficult. Despite all the advancements in the field, there are still extreme limitation on the accuracy of climate and long-range weather forecasting. No matter how powerful the world’s greatest super-computer is, the calculation it is capable of performing still fall far short of being able to embrace all of the complexities of atmospheric-influenced processes that o...

October 20, 2017

As fall has begun, the next biggest question on everyone's mind is what kind of winter are we looking at? 

We have complied all data from multiple platforms and our team has come up with our predictions, and it looks to be slightly different than last years winter!

Models are trending towards an ever so slightly warmer winter for a large portion of the United States, especially the mid to lower half, along with the east coast. This does not necessarily mean a warm and dry winter by any means.

There looks to be above a 50% chance that the northern and mid United States will receive greater precipitation amounts than normal. These amounts are likely to affect the east coast as well, due to storm movement and upper atm...

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March 7, 2018

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