March 17, 2018

Spring is around the corner! This week in fact, on Tuesday, March 20th, and the Northeast is coming up on its 4th Nor'Easter this month. 

Why so much snow and rain? What is with this pattern? How long will it continue? When will spring arrive!!! 

Predicted: Tuesday 3/20/18 at 8pm ET (Blue Snow / Green Rain)

Why so much stormy weather? This pattern is occurring due to a stationary High pressure system over the Atlantic Basin. This is known as the blocking high, which sets up near Greenland and Iceland. The placement of this high pressure allows for the increasing the potential for cold, stormy weather in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The longer the high pressure sits - the longer the pattern is likely to conti...

March 7, 2018

 Climate is Always Changing

Climatic discussions usually lead to a range of solutions and a great many conflicting opinions as to the cause of climatic change and what the effect of that change will or may be. Climate has and always will dictate humankind’s actions and activities.

Climate forecasting, unlike that of weather forecasting, is much more difficult. Despite all the advancements in the field, there are still extreme limitation on the accuracy of climate and long-range weather forecasting. No matter how powerful the world’s greatest super-computer is, the calculation it is capable of performing still fall far short of being able to embrace all of the complexities of atmospheric-influenced processes that o...

November 29, 2017


This enlightening text offers a comprehensive review of the evolution of the field of meteorology, from its infancy in 3000 BC, to today's future scientific ideas of the future. 

This book reveals the full story from where meteorology was then, to where it is now, where the field is heading, and what needs to be done to get the fields to levels never before imagined. 

Throughout the book the ideas and views are based upon global research and scientific knowledge being at the forefront of expanding our understanding of meteorology and the atmospheric and oceanic sciences. 

Weather has a daily impact on Earth, its environment, and biosphere. Through...

November 3, 2017

Forecasting Consultants LLC is offering a workshop this winter semester that will prepare students for life after graduation for a career in the Atmospheric Sciences. 

Beginning your career can be difficult and confusing if you are not prepared. It can be stressful and worrisome if the perfect job, or any job in your field, does not come along. Our workshop is geared towards preparing students and teaching them how to market themselves, conduct job trend searches, prepare for interviews and how to build their resume. The workshop will also go into skills needed in the workforce that are often left out of the classroom, such as networking, new online business platforms, workplace etiquette, marketing, and much more...

October 20, 2017

As fall has begun, the next biggest question on everyone's mind is what kind of winter are we looking at? 

We have complied all data from multiple platforms and our team has come up with our predictions, and it looks to be slightly different than last years winter!

Models are trending towards an ever so slightly warmer winter for a large portion of the United States, especially the mid to lower half, along with the east coast. This does not necessarily mean a warm and dry winter by any means.

There looks to be above a 50% chance that the northern and mid United States will receive greater precipitation amounts than normal. These amounts are likely to affect the east coast as well, due to storm movement and upper atm...

October 16, 2017

Forecasting Consultants LLC is offering an academic training - Preparation for Advancement in the Atmospheric/Environmental Sciences - this December that is geared to helping undergraduate students get a better view of what potential directions they can take professionally with their degree. 

Many students struggle greatly once they finish college and are thrown into the job search and/or the workforce, depending if they can find a job. Finding a job in your field after college can be extremely difficult and may take a large amount of time. 

Often students find themselves asking questions such as: 

  • Do I know what to expect after you graduate? 

  • Am I completely prepared for interviews,...

August 27, 2017

The Evolution of Meteorology Webinar, discussed the recently published text, covering topics such as:

Book Development

History of Meteorology

Extreme Weather

Climate Change

Space Weather

August 1, 2017

If one were to attempt to analyze the private weather industry 50 years ago, they would find little to nothing. Weather was an entity mainly controlled by the military and the government, simply because they were the only ones with the technology and capability to forecast. Today, with the advancements in technology, there is a large private weather industry with a plethora of companies providing a variety of weather services. Companies range from media groups such as Accuweather and the Weather Channel to private consulting companies providing specialized forecasts.  In order to better grasp where the industry is headed, it is important to understand the current landscape of the industry and the trends within it...

June 29, 2017

The essential guide to the history, current trends, and the future of meteorology 

This comprehensive review explores the evolution of the field of meteorology, from its infancy in 3000 bc, through the birth of fresh ideas and the naming of the field as a science, to the technology boom, to today. The Evolution of Meteorology reveals the full story of where meteorology was then to where it is now, where the field is heading, and what needs to be done to get the field to levels never before imagined. Authored by experts of the topic, this book includes information on forecasting technologies, organizations, governmental agencies, and world cooperative projects.

The authors explore the ancient history of the fir...

August 23, 2016

Zika virus – the name itself instills fear in many today, whether they are North or South of the equator.  It may have sound foreign to Americans a few years ago; however now it’s been creeping its way north, one degree at a time, same as the global rise in temperature.

Zika is a flavivirus, a type of virus that mutates frequently, and is spread through animal vectors, in this case: the A. aegypti mosquito.  Numerous birth defects and other side effects have been attributed to a new mutation in the Zika virus; most commonly, infected pregnant mothers have been giving birth to babies with abnormally small heads and neurological disorders like Guillan-Barre syndrome.  Until recently, most of these tragic stories hav...

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March 7, 2018

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