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Forensic Meteorology

Our team of Meteorologists specialize in Forensic Meteorology, working closely with Personal Injury Law Firms and Insurance Claims Adjusters all over the country. We are able to collect and present meteorological/atmospheric data in a report format that can be admissible in court. 

What is Forensic Meteorology?


Forensic meteorology is the process of reconstructing weather events for a certain location. This is done by acquiring local weather reports, radar and satellite images, and eyewitness accounts. Forensic meteorology is most often used in court cases for either insurance companies or a murder investigation.



Increasingly, the outcomes of many cases depend on knowing what the weather conditions were at the exact time and place that an incident occurred. The definition of a storm, according to the American Meteorological Society is, "any disturbed state of the atmosphere, especially as affecting the earth’s surface, implying inclement and possible destructive weather."

Forensic Services can be useful for:
Road Traffic Accidents
Maritime/Boating Accidents
Aviation Accidents
Accidents at Work or Home
Slip or Falls
Product Defect Accidents (Product Liability)
Historic Weather Trends
Property Damage and Surveying


Court case?

Are you an attorney that is in need of meteorological data for the support of your case or lawsuit?

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