Frequently asked questions

Why not use free sources for weather forecasting?

Forecasting Consultants takes pride in our personal and professional approach to weather forecasting. Lets be real, how many times is the media or app wrong about the weather? Here at Forecasting Consultants you get a personal meteorologist who is only working on your site-specific forecast. As opposed to a model out put that is giving you a generalized no human interpretation forecast.

How is my forecast priced?

The best thing about working with a professional meteorologist at Forecasting Consultants is that we are able to customize just about every service we offer in order to tailor it to your needs. Our prices are based off of an hourly rate therefore you are only paying for the hours necessary to create your custom forecast.

How accurate will my forecast be?

We are very dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost accurate forecasts, using all of our skills combined to deliver a forecast that is as accurate as technology will allow us to provide.

What if your forecast is wrong?

In order to eliminate chances of the unknown we offer a 24/7 hour service which will allow a professional meteorologist to watch over your area to provide you with nowcasting. Nowcasting is forecasting on current, up-to-the-minute weather conditions as they occur.

How far our can I get an accurate forecast?

We can guarantee a margin of accuracy under 10 days for a forecast. Our services include climateological forecasts which will provide trends and statistics for anything further out past a 10day forecast.

What goes in to creating a weather forecast?

Our team at Forecasting Consultants spends a dedicated amount of time to constructing your forecast. Our team utilizes a wide-array of models, soundings, satellite, radar, and different sets of data - combined with professional interpretation to formulate your site-specific forecast.