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Event Coverage

There isn't anything worse than having a perfect event spoiled by weather.

We have proudly forecasted and consulted for many event planners/coordinators, from Long Island, to Florida, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, California, and Hawaii. With tremendous success, published in Enchanted Brides Magazine, and being the honored forecaster for the donation and surprise wedding of the year from 27Miracles, Forecasting Consultants has been a proven commodity to planners, hosts, and brides and grooms across the country.


Forecasting Consultants also offers event day “Weather Watch” services, where we have our eyes on you at all times, sending text/call updates throughout the preparations, the event, and cleanup. Updates could be for anything from cloud changes, wind changes, precipitation chances, starting or ending times of showers, or any actual warning of severe weather. This keeps another unknown from disrupting a beautiful event.





We take a great unknown, and help you plan, prepare, and ease the nerves of your bride and groom. Whether it is a climate report for average weather conditions for a certain date, a long range trend forecast, event day personalized site-specific forecasts, forecasts for tent setting up, or rehearsal dinners, etc, Forecasting Consultants’ services will be there for you every step of the way.


Tents, outdoor equipment, decorations, ceremony sets, dresses, photographs, etc. all become costly and unforeseen weather events will only increase these unnecessary costs. A beautifully planned wedding should have a specific accurate weather forecast tailored to the customization of your day.  


Forecasting Consultants also forecasts for honeymoons, at any location around the globe. 

Any Package can be customized and altered to fit your wedding day weather forecast.

Services purchased 2 months prior to wedding date receive a 10% discounted rate

Sporting Events

A lot of timing and planning goes into all sporting events. With sporting events weather plays a factor in ticket sales, level of athletic ability in implemented weather, game completion, and the overall safety of everyone. 


Major sporting events have millions of dollars at risk when weather plays a role in the sport. Accurate and precise weather can save a significant amount of money and prevent hazardous scenarios from occurring. Accurate forecasts allow for proper preparations and possible cancellations and rescheduling.

Phone and video conferencing available 24/7 for sporting event coverage, with available meteorologist on-site if necessary.

Outdoor Events

Planning an outdoor event typically revolves around the type of weather. Such events as birthday's, parties, festivals, concerts, reunions, graduations, holidays and barbecues all involve planning and preparation, which can become timely and costly.


We offer many different services that can help plan ahead for the unexpected weather event.


When lightning and flash floods are part of a weather event, safety is a major part of outdoor events.

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Planning an outdoor excursion will involve careful planning and preparing. When limited on packing the essentials, knowing the weather ahead of time will be invaluable. Health and safety plays a major factor when weather intrudes on a trip in which limited protection against the elements is available.


Forecasting Consultants can map out an accurate forecast days ahead of a trip, allowing the knowledge of precipitation, wind, chance of storm, day time highs and night time lows (temperature), heat index, UV exposure, and any atmospheric or meteorological element that may hinder your specific adventure.  


Oceanic forecasting is imperative for safety. Being aware of currents, tides, wave heights, winds, water temperatures, water depth, precipitation and chance of storms is essential.


Forecasting consultants can match the voyage with the upcoming weather in order to increase safety and maximize timing.


Vacations are typically expensive and planned in advance. Most often they are hard to plan around weather events.  Long range forecasts and trend forecasts can help foresee what time of year would be best to vacation in a specific location. Reducing wasted time, money and aggravation. 


Knowing the climate of the place you are planning to visit is also a crucial part of planning a trip. The climate may have weather events that you are not used to, increasing risks of dangerous situations.


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