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Prepare for life after graduation - learn skills that you can apply directly to your career. 

Academic Training

Forecasting Consultants is offering an academic training - Preparation for Advancement in the Atmospheric Sciences - this Summer 2018 -that is geared to helping undergraduate Atmospheric Science/Meteorology Majors get a good view of what potential directions they can take professionally with their degree. 


Topics to be covered include:

  • Life preparations after graduation: Accounting, Organization, Time Management

  • Business skills needed to promote yourself or possible ventures you are seeking with the degree: Online Platforms, Bookkeeping outlets, Marketing 

  • Job searching, employment possibilities and growing trends of need and availability, etc.

  • Assisted research in a chosen topic of meteorology

This course will be heavily geared towards growing as a meteorological professional.


From our personal experience, we have worked with numerous interns over the past several years and have gathered a plethora of information from them as to what information is pertinent for their success in a career in the field of meteorology.


We hope to be able to better prepare students and colleagues for what the future has in store for them in the field in which we all love.

Please contact us should you be interested in signing up or learning more about this course. Full Training outline available per request! 



Price includes: 6 week online training with one-on-one separate interactive sessions 1-2x week reserved for conducting research along side a professional meteorologist. 

Scholarships are available through the National Weather Museum! 

Next Training to begin: Summer 2018
Academic Training

Be Prepared to Succeed

Being prepared for your future! Be prepared to succeed. 

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For Students 

Is this training right for you? There are a few thought provoking questions below for you to ask yourself regarding if this training will be a good fit for you and your future goals. 


Do you know what to expect after you graduate

Are you completely prepared for interviews, networking, job searching? How does your resume compare to others in your field? Do you know how to market yourself?

Do you have any experience working in the business or corporate world? Do you have working knowledge of marketing/accounting/administration/common online platforms?

Are you prepared for time management in the workplace? 

Have you conducted research on the job market and future trends

Will you stand out amongst your peers and older generations? Where do your accomplishments rank?

Are you prepared to relocate for a job? What happens if you cannot find a job in your field? How will you pay rent/mortgage and student loans

This training will cover all the questions above and more!



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