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About Us

Forecasting Consultants L.L.C. was founded in 2012, by graduates of Stony Brook University with a degrees in Atmospheric Science. Forecasting Consultants has a team of Meteorologists who specialize in the Mathematical and Statistical aspects of weather and atmospheric conditions. Our team often is comprised of interns, as we believe in helping students learn not only meteorology but business traits as well.

Our office is located on Long Island, NY however our forecasting capabilities range around the globe. 

Recently, our team published a manuscript: The future of meteorology: past, present and future  putting us at the forefront of atmospheric science knowledge

We are driven to provide accurate forecasts to our clients that are constructed personally by a meteorologist. Our team was started because the founders were frustrated with the media providing incompetent forecasts that give meteorologists negative connotations. All forecasts should be constructed through human analyzed data and interpretation, a model forecast is simply not enough for our company. 


Image by NASA
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